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trading only for trading
I love trading, which is actually a way of expressing my passion for gambling, although I did not go to Las Vegas more than 6 times and never gambled more than a dollar at a casino because there was no personal interest in gambling and cars in which I do not have money ...


And in that big gambling hall, Vegas only looked at the flood of the crowd, wondering how it would cost a little money to get some money. If we honestly and deeply look at the issue, we should accept that when trading with a certain amount of capital and a certain amount, You pay attention to the extent to which we expect to get it, it will not easily be achieved and we need to work for it correctly.
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If you are trading only for trading without an application, or just for being in the game, or even for a moment of thrilling moment in a gambling game, the result is that you, without any limitations and limitations, even any lean information And, as a matter of fact, you are trading in this market, which, of course, is a way to deal with sudden price changes, and the money market will be destroyed.

Early on, I had many problems with my dealings, and I rather gamble than I wanted to deal with. This problem was getting worse day after day, causing a lot of dangers for me. So I decided to get a foe on this poisoning addiction. Which I already undermined in this market and could be in a good way to trade.
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So I opened two accounts, I just assigned one to the transaction, which was based only on my own trading plans and drawings, and assigned another account to empty the gambling excitement that I had and could not get rid of. I gave.

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